A Woman On The Edge Of Your Seat

The Maria Bamford Show is the brainchild of standup comic Maria Bamford, whose sensibility is, according to Madeleine Davies, “as unique as it is necessary”:

Perhaps what’s most special about Bamford’s goofy, surreal and stylized brand of humor is that it doesn’t end up seeming stylized at all. At times, she comes off as so intensely fragile and vulnerable that you want to hug her and tell her that everything will be alright. Then, with remarkable skill, she’ll flip it around and force you to stare your own reaction in the face — why do you assume that there’s something wrong with a person who gets on stage and says something hard and honest? Why should that kind of bravery be perceived as weakness that needs comforting rather than empathy?

Check out more of her work on the series “Ask My Mom!” here and here. She also appears in the new season of Arrested Development alongside Anus Tart. Previous Dish on Bamford here.