The Green Movement Resurfaces

An Iranian reader passes along the above video and adds:

This was in Isfahan yesterday, ten days before another Presidential election. The occasion was a funeral for Ayatollah Jalaledin Taheri, who in 2002 resigned his post as the representative of the Supreme Leader in protest over his oppression of the Iranian people. That so many attended the funeral was a message in itself, but this gathering also became an opportunity for people to chant “down with the dictator” and voice their support for Mousavi and Karoubi, who of course are both still under house arrest by the regime. It’s the first time anyone has chanted their names in the streets of a major Iranian city in more than two years. What appears to be thousands of people shouted “Mousavi, Karoubi, must be freed!” In another chant they addressed the Khamenei directly and said: “Watch our respect for this deceased and remember that it is not something you can buy” and “Dictator we will become your nightmare!”

This all happened while Khamenei was giving a speech in Tehran warning the eight remaining candidates to stay within the boundaries of his regime. Only one of those eight men, Hassan Rouhani, dared to skip the speech in order to attend Taheri’s funeral. Rouhani is the only viable, if weak, candidate for the reformists and Green Movement to support, but it’s possible most of Iran’s middle class will simply sit this “selection” out. Most likely the hardliners will eat whatever is left of the cake and turn the presidency into nothing but the Supreme Leader’s chief of staff. We’ll find out on June 14.

One thing, however, is clear: no matter how hard Khamenei tries to suppress Iranians, the Green Movement will always be there, waiting for the next opportunity to stand up and demand freedom for themselves and their leaders.

More videos purported to be from the funeral here and here. Mackey did a round up as well [NYT].