The Best Of The Dish Today


This was the day Glenn Greenwald made, but I was somewhat underwhelmed. I got a tutorial on the expression “No Homo” while wondering if we were reaching “peak faggot” on Twitter. I argued that the appointments of Susan Rice and Samantha Power were not an indication of Obama changing his mind on Syria – or interventionism in general. We found a poster boy for the GOP – in a skirt; and I copped to being slow in the past in grasping the need for conservative reform.

The most popular post of the day was Fareed Zakaria’s concise explanation of what’s going on in Turkey; and David Frum’s elegant plea for empiricism and policy innovation among Republicans. It seems a really small world when I remember the fact that the three of us were all regarded as right-wingers when we were at Harvard together; and we were all immigrants. Today, we’re still in basic agreement – but, boy, how the world has changed. Oh, and that’s a Dish reader’s window view in Leuven, Belgium, a country where Dish-readers gave us 1,458 pageviews this past week.

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And see you in the morning.