Tackling Rush

Kevin Williamson treads carefully after a Limplosion:

The Republican party is plagued by leaders who really want to be Fox News personalities and talk-radio hosts rather than politicians. Those professions have very different skill sets and very different success metrics. They simply are not the same thing. There’s a reason Bill Buckley never expected to win his mayoral race. Rush of all people should understand that. If you are good at what Rush does, you end up becoming Rush; if you’re not very good at it, you end up becoming Christine O’Donnell. Q: Who thinks the Republican party or the conservative movement needs another Christine O’Donnell?

But notice how wary he is of including Limbaugh in this litany – and how insecure Limbaugh has become:

I don’t mind that Rush misunderstood my point, which is the sort of thing that happens all the time, but I could do with a good deal fewer butt-hurt lamentations from him and his radio brethren about how National Review “used to be a conservative magazine.” Given that Rush has filled up many minutes of his precious airtime reading my work to his audience, it is strange that he would think of National Review, or me, as something other than conservative.