Dad And The Dish


Still struggling to think of a gift for Father’s Day? Why not a subscription to the Dish? We just got the capacity to deliver one for you, with a personal message, to the man who doesn’t need another necktie.

We know Dishheads love sharing Dish posts with their ornery dads, or dads who think conservatism only means Fox News, or dads who keep emailing the latest conspiracy theory they got from their old high-school buddy, or dads who’d never dream of getting an online subscription to anything but might get addicted to the Dish on their iPad.

So don’t wait till Thanksgiving dinner to realize (again) that your dad still takes Sean Hannity seriously; get him reading the Dish and engaged in the real back and forth that goes on here every day. Then at least when he defends Hannity this fall, you’ll know Roger Ailes isn’t his only source of information about the world, and that he might even have seen another kind of conservatism worth thinking about. Give him one by clicking here. And make next Thanksgiving a little livelier.