The Best Of The Dish Today


Today, we unveiled our gifting program – in time for Father’s Day, but for a long time after that. My pitch is here.

I argued for a one-pill anti-HIV prophylaxis to be routine care for HIV-negative sexually active gay men, and over the counter if necessary, while wondering why the gay civil rights movement has to be named after a town in Croatia, LGBT.

Glenn Greenwald has some ‘splaining to do after holes emerged in Snowden’s story while Roger Ailes bemoaned the state of Americans’ historical knowledge as he hired a pundit who didn’t know who Paul Revere was or what he did. Yes, she’s baaaack!

The most popular post of the day remained my take on the new Pope’s latest off-the-cuff Christianity (it’s so great to have a Pope who isn’t positively creepy); and my take on the Pew poll of bisexuals, and a few others.

Give your dad the gift of the Dish for Father’s Day and I’ll see you in the morning when, inshallah, I will be back in the English countryside to visit my family for a few days.