Give To The Dish By Giving The Dish


A reader wrote last month:

I want to give more money to the Dish, but I can’t. I e-mailed a few months back that I want to give more money on a bi-monthly basis or so, but your current configuration won’t let me since I’m already a subscriber. You have been on fire today (as you are most days, but today is especially good), so I was ready to slap down another $150 [the minimum price is $19.99], but I can’t. Can you help, if you’re even reading this, which I suspect you aren’t since I suspect you’ve all blackballed me since I was a tad rough on your lit editor a short while back and that you all just discard my e-mails immediately without reading. But still, CAN YOU HELP ME GIVE YOU MORE MONEY?

We take no reader emails personally. If I did, I would have jumped off a bridge a long long time ago. But the short answer is: you bet. And by far the best way to do it (apart from re-subscribing next year) is to give a Dish subscription to a friend, family member or co-worker you think would enjoy it. It can be a great spur to conversation, debate or just sharing jokes and silly videos.

Simply click here to buy a gift subscription for a friend, family member or co-worker – a gift that will simultaneously support the Dish. It only takes a minute. And unlike your initial subscription, you can buy as many gift subscriptions as you like using the same email address. Or you can buy one big gift for someone by setting your own price. Remember, the gift subscriptions are not auto-renewing, so you don’t have to worry about being billed again a year from now. Another reader wrote in April:

I am a subscriber, and have enjoyed your blog for years.  My main disagreement with you was your support of President Bush’s mobilization to a war that helped break our national economy and brought us to today. Your recent mea culpa in regards to beating the drums of war back in ’02 and ’03 seems quite sincere.  I want to let you know that in the most agreeable way: by donating/increasing my subscription cost for this year.  However, much to my surprise, I can find no button to push that would allow such a payment or donation. Would it not be logical, much like a tip jar at a cash register, to have a way for happy readers to reward the work you do with a quick tip?

We have never liked the idea of having the tip jar, since Dish Publishing LLC is a business and not a charity. But by gifting the Dish, you are both increasing your support to the Dish and spreading the Dishness more widely – to other readers and potential future subscribers. We want to broaden our readership, which will ensure our survival, and you are easily the best marketers we have and the only ones we can afford. Another reader wrote in May:

As I looked at your conversion rates and projected revenue for the year, it occurred to me that the enthusiastic early subscribers (like me!) would be very likely to add to their subscription fees if provided a clear message about what would be gained by the Dish. I can imagine an update note being sent to subscribers at the half-way point to their subscription anniversary, a sort of soft-sell pitch for an additional contribution to afford XYZ for the site. I am planning to add another $20 to my subscription at the six-month point. I’ll bet other early subscribers would as well.

I am actually planning to start a fortnightly newsletter this summer in the near future – one that will feature a series of conversational podcasts between me and some fascinating people (well-known and not), and a few original, commissioned long-form pieces. We’re going to call this section “Deep Dish”. We hope it’s a way of thanking our subscribers and giving them something more on top of full access to the Dish itself. If you still haven’t subscribed yourself, [tinypass_offer text=”click here”]. And drop us an email after doing so; we are always happy to hear from new subscribers.