The Price Of Bacon

A reader writes:

I am a pronounced carnivore and have intentionally turned a blind eye to the treatment of animals in large scale farming as a defense mechanism.

pigsToday I was reading your post on small farms and you linked to that PETA video showing the mistreatment of pigs. I am a dog owner and lover and this video left me sick to my stomach for hours. Not to excuse the workers completely, but I think part of their sadism is due to the terrible conditions and likely low wages they deal with. Over time it seems like they have been desensitized to it which has created a culture of cruelty within the industry.

I’m trying to grapple with what I saw and make a decision on how this effects my behavior. If I’m honest with myself the daily minutia of life will take over and I’ll forget about. I guess it would be difficult to try and make a difference in every injustice in the world, but this is one where there are probably small lifestyle choices I could adjust to at least not condone this deplorable practice.

Keep up the good work of letting me know what’s in front of my nose.

I think the treatment of pigs in our culture – and the commodification of animals in general – will one day be seen as barbarous and unimaginable.

(Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary)