A Poem For Sunday

2011/365/45 Pretty Roses / Empty Bed

“What I See” by Muriel Rukeyser:

Lie there, in sweat and dream, I do, and “there”
Is here, my bed, on which I dream
You, lying there, on yours, locked, pouring love,
While I tormented here see in my reins
You, perfectly at climax. And the lion strikes.
I want you with whatever obsessions come—
I wanted your obsession to be mine
But if it is that unknown half-suggested strange
Other figure locked in your climax, then
I here, I want you and the other, want your obsession,
Whatever is locked into you now while I sweat and

(From Selected Poems, Library of America, 2004 © 1978 by Muriel Rukeyser. Reprinted by permission of ICM Partners. Photo by Flickr user cogdogblog)