David Gregory Is What’s Wrong With Washington, Ctd

Above is a small but fascinating preview of Gregory’s loathing of Greenwald for committing the kind of journalism Gregory would never do, because it would upset his sources: the late Michael Hastings who actually reported what he saw in Iraq – especially around Stanley McChrystal, another figure deeply implicated in war crimes – versus Lara Logan who actually says in denigrating Hastings the following words:

And to be fair to the military, if they believe a piece is balanced, they will have you back.

By “balanced”, they mean something they like. Lara Logan is also part of the problem. Hastings, may he rest in peace, was part of the solution.

I might add, of course, that Howie Kurtz is exactly the same. In a critical moment in my attempt to hold Sarah Palin accountable, Kurtz sided with the McCain-Palin campaign against a fellow journalist. He published my private emails to the campaign asking for more details about Palin’s incredible story about her fifth child. Kurtz printed my confidential correspondence without even asking me for comment. He was effectively colluding with the McCain campaign to tarnish a fellow journalist.

He’s found his perfect home now, of course: as an adjunct to the Republican party’s propaganda machine.