Egyptians Protest The US Ambassador

Fisher notices that “Egyptians demonstrating Sunday against President Mohamed Morsi’s first year in office waved signs singling out U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson, telling her to “get out” and accusing her of clandestinely aiding Morsi’s Islamist government”:

[T]he criticism seems most rooted in a perception that Patterson, and thus the United States, are helping to prop up Morsi even at the expense of Egyptian democracy. Partly this is rooted in recent history: the U.S. worked closely with Mubarak’s government for years, at times pressing him for reform but more often looking the other way. But it also appears to comes from a misunderstanding of Patterson’s role in Egypt. When she refuses to more roundly criticize Morsi in public comments, that’s perceived as backing him. But the United States has ongoing business with Egypt, after all, and letting relations sour might satisfy protesters’ desires to punish Morsi, but would be unlikely to help.