Egypt On The Brink

Laura Dean reports from Cairo:

There is shooting tonight at Cairo University, where the Health Ministry reports that four people have been killed in clashes between supporters and opponents of the President. In a speech this evening, Morsi was defiant, made no concessions, and included such gems as “my iron will [to remain in office?] is with my people and is unshaken.” To most people, 14 million people in the streets might seem like a difficult thing to ignore. Apparently not to President Morsi, however.

We should know a lot more by the end of tomorrow.

Nancy Youssef thinks that Morsi’s speech is “likely to be read as a call to arms by thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members who’ve been forming their own security force, armed with sticks, helmets and Molotov cocktails.” Josh Marshall notes the Egyptian military’s latest statement:

SCAF, which amounts to the top leadership of the Egyptian army, has issued a statement on its Facebook page saying in so many words it’s ready to fight to the death.