The Best Of The Dish Today

I tried to make sense of the modernity vs fundamentalism struggle, from America to Egypt, Turkey and beyond. Readers pushed back against the inhumanity of forced feeding here and here. We hailed the badass flight attendants of Asiana 214, while readers explained the process of letting old dogs go. And Bill Kristol – surprise! – came out against immigration reform.

The most popular post of the day was A Redder And Bluer World; followed by those amazing flight attendants. I loved the MHB between two ferns (see above) and finding this photo of two ultimate fighters (especially the caption).

In the last month, our top referrers have been search engines, Twitter and Facebook, in that order, followed by HuffPo and Drudge. In the same period, we directed the most traffic toward Slate and the Atlantic, in that order. We sent 39,000 people to Slate and 32,000 people to the Atlantic; they sent us 66 and 1,100 in return, respectively.

See you in the morning.