The Best Of The Dish Today


Whence the scrotum, we asked? And for various reasons, this photograph was more objectionable in offices than this one. But at least one reader laughed out loud. There was another completely innocent prisoner who killed himself in GTMO (I couldn’t blame him) as Obama picked an enabler of torture to be the head of the FBI. True to form, Bill Kristol switched sides on immigration reform (he was fine with it when there was a Republican president), as Rubio’s ratings began to sink among the white GOP base. Prospects for any legislation on anything sank in the House.

And the neocons went into full smear mode of another Paul. Like you didn’t see that one coming.

The most popular post of the day was The Badass Flight Attendants of Asiana 214, followed by my thoughts on the widening global split between those at peace with modernity and those at war with it (updated with reader comments here).

Germany beat out Australia as our fourth largest source of readers (as if I could post a picture of a scrotum and not get a Germanic response). Fark and Reddit keep climbing the ranks of the Dish’s top referrers. The window view (above) was from Pueblo, Mexico, at 10 am.

See you in the morning.