Whence The Scrotum? Ctd


A reader writes:

Dude. I mean … I get it. You are independent now and can do the blog that you want, but for those of us reading at work, having a random close-up of a scrotum is problematic. I read in an RSS reader and it just shows up with no warning.  Luckily, this time no one was walking by, but it makes it less and less likely that I’ll be reading you during the day (which means it is less and less likely that I’ll read you at all) when stuff like this keeps randomly popping up.

It was a simple illustration of the issue discussed. If bloody corpses are kosher, why not a simple and abstracted view of the human anatomy? Maybe it was too early in the morning. If so, check out the, er, megalosaurus bone above, known colloquially as the scrotum humanum. (I love Wiki.) Another reader:

I know it’s just anatomy; I know that pic isn’t meant to be salacious or prurient, but commonplace corporate sexual harrassment policies don’t require that to be so to create the dreaded “hostile work environment”!  If one of my female coworkers saw me looking at that post it might just be enough to get me canned, and I assure you that my workplace isn’t unique in that respect.

I’m sorry. How nannying corporate America has become. Another reader:

Luckily I work in academia which has a very high tolerance for Not Safe For Work content, but this is a bit over the top even for here. You could have just as easily used a photo of a chimp or baboon and not run into the issue at all.

On that note: “I don’t know anything about the purpose of the scrotum, but here’s a monkey with a bright blue one.” But humans’ scrota are bigger! Not everyone was put off by the pic:

I genuinely laughed out loud when your blog digitally tea-bagged me over coffee and eggs this morning.  I’m sure there will be those who are offended, but what good is having a privately run blog if you can’t define it with your own sensibility instead of kow-towing to those who are most easily offended. I appreciate that you still know how to make your readers laugh and keep us on our toes.