Ask A Window-View Champ Anything

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A reader writes:

So we know you keep track of View From Your Window contestants, obviously.  But I am intrigued: what does it take to be the “all-time best player“?  Can you throw us a little profile?  Does she have a day job?  Is he a geography grad student? I remember fondly the Dish reader who submitted a typology of VFYW entrants, back at #35.  I’m assuming the mystery champion is a Type 3, some combination of Christopher Columbus and Ken Jennings. I know readers are anonymous, but how about some dish, Dish?

Another suggests:

I would be interested in a modified “Ask _____ Anything” featuring the all-time best VFYW player you alluded to in this week’s VFYW contest. How much time does he/she typically put in? What are some clues that the average person might not think would be helpful? What are the most common red herrings? What do you do professionally? Intelligence analyst? Do you ever reach a point with some contests when you just admit to yourself that you’re stumped and give up?

We reached out to the reader in question, who agreed to an email version of an Ask Anything – under the condition of anonymity. (By the way, the mystery reader is not Mike Palmer, the Grand Champion we recognized last year for our 100th contest. And Mike, we discovered, teamed up with his friend Yoko for the contests, so the distinction was co-owned.) To submit a question for our VFYW virtuoso, simply enter it into the above survey after answering all of the existing questions (ignore the “YES or NO question” aspect and simply enter any open-ended question). To vote, click “Yes” if you have a strong interest in seeing the question answered or “No” if you don’t particularly care.