Buzzfeed Can Dish It Out …

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… but they can’t take it:

Joe Veix posted his listicle “The 10 DUMBEST BuzzFeed Lists You’re EMBARRASSED To Say You CLICKED” Tuesday, and the site took it down quickly, he says. BuzzFeed readers can create their own articles on the site after registering.

The story of Egypt’s revolution as told through Jurassic Park GIFs is still up, though. The reason for the censorship of Veix’s parody?

There’s a difference between satire and being mean-spirited.

There’s nothing ever mean-spirited about Buzzfeed’s listicles, is there? Veix, moreover, is no troll. He’s a writer for The Awl, The New Yorker, and McSweeney’s. The image above is a screenshot of an excerpt (read the whole thing here).