The Best Of The Dish Today

It was a sad day for me. My dear friend, the photographer Norma Holt, let go of this life this afternoon at around 5.30 pm. At 94, she was still thriving as recently as a couple of months ago. I saw her in New York City just before I left for Provincetown, a place she truly felt at home. A slide-show of her photography is above. A summary of her career is here. A photographic appreciation of her remarkable grace and stubbornness in her nineties – by Jane Paradise – is here. I wrote a post about her last January. I can’t summon up much else right now, except that she taught me to live until I die. But I will soon.

Today, it seemed as if the Republican death spiral quickened. Brooks did his best, but they are not listening. They don’t have to.  We initiated a NSFW Saturday night and I wondered if there are double standards about male and female nudity.

If you think Islamist terrorism is a phantasm, look into this face. But don’t mess with Glenn Greenwald.

The most popular post was this one illustrated with vaginal mucus, followed by the corpse of Trayvon Martin. Both SFW.

May she rest in peace.