Has Greenwald Crossed The Line? Ctd

Glenn emails a response to a Dish reader:

Greenwald says (1) that Snowden took the “blueprints” because they’re necessary in order to prove “that what he was saying was true,” but (2) that Snowden doesn’t want the blueprints to be disclosed. But how can Snowden rely on the documents to corroborate what he’s saying unless he discloses them?

The answer to this is glaringly obvious. He does this by coming to responsible journalists and says: “I have documents revealing things the public should absolutely know about government excesses, deceit and wrongdoing – but these documents also reveal things that shouldn’t be published, so I want you – as journalists – to vet them carefully (as I have done) and publish only what should be published and withhold what should be withheld.”

That’s exactly what he asked us to do – repeatedly. And it’s exactly what we’ve done (which is why we’ve published only a portion of the documents we have on each article and withheld many). That’s called responsible whistleblowing and responsible journalism.

He could have done all sorts of things with those documents had he been malicious or reckless: sold them for a large amount of money, passed them to foreign governments, gave them to someone to indiscriminately dump, published them all himself on the internet.

He did none of those things.  That’s why the actual facts completely negate the predictable media-led demonization campaign now well under way.