“Even If You’re A 300-Lb Black Kid, You Still Wanna Be Calvin”

Scott Beggs is super-psyched about the upcoming documentary on the creator of Calvin and Hobbes:

To get an idea of how long Dear Mr. Watterson has been in the works, consider that its creator Joel Schroeder posted a teaser trailer for it three years ago. And that was years after he’d started working on it. Fortunately, it was the exact kind of thing that Kickstarter was built for, and after 2,083 backers representing over $120,000 chipped in, the film is finished. Now, according to Variety, the “Calvin & Hobbes” documentary will see theaters and VOD on November 15th.

As you can imagine, it chronicles Bill Watterson’s monumental creation and its influence — specifically by featuring conversations with the likes of Berkeley Breathed (“Bloom County”), Bill Amend (“Foxtrot”), Seth Green and more. … Awesome, awesome, awesome news. Times a million. I don’t even know what else to say.

A reader does:

Calvin & Hobbes is the best comic ever. There is such joy and adventure and heart and just enough mischief.

Bill Watterson’s complaints when he retired were that the newspapers wanted the comic in a set form and he hated when they shrunk the strip down too much. A website where he had complete creative control over how the subscribers saw his work would eliminate all of that. If Watterson ever wanted to create a site where one paid him directly for a weekly or even monthly strip, I’d sign up in an instant.