The Ten Most Controversial Subjects On Earth

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 12.20.09 PM

Here are the ten topics (pdf) that have been most contested by armies of editors on the English language version:

1. George W. Bush

2. Anarchism

3. Muhammed.

4. Professional wrestlers and their stats.

5. Global Warming.

6. Circumcision.

7. US.

8. Jesus.

9. Race and IQ.

10. Christianity.

Somehow, the Dish missed the great wrestling controversy and anarchism. But we’ve got the others covered.

The spiral image from above? The combined controversial topics from the English, French, German, Spanish Wikis (blue), Czech, Hungarian and Romania (red), and Arabic, Persian and Hebrew (green). Yes, Israel remains the most controversial and contested topic on Wikipedia across the globe. The idea that the “unbreakable US-Israel” alliance is not a big factor in weakening America’s international leverage is as ludicrous as General Mattis said it was.

Other nuggets from the paper about Wikis around the world: in the Czech Republic, they’re obsessed with gays (1, 5, and 7); in Germany, scientology, homeopathy and Rudolf Steiner; in France, Freud, UFOs, and 9/11.