Yglesias Award Nominee

“I’d be leading the charge [for defunding Obamacare] if I thought this would work. But it will not work … You’re going to set an expectation among the conservatives in our party that we can achieve something that we’re not able to achieve. It’s not an achievable strategy. It’s creating the false impression that you can do something when you can’t. And it’s dishonest … You’re not going to stop the funding, but what you will do is shut down the government. Among that group of senators that has been considering this, I was the only one who was here for that. The president is never going to sign a bill defunding Obamacare. Do you think he’s going to cave? The strategy that has been laid out is a good way for Republicans to lose the House,” – Tom Coburn.


There’s some small shred of sanity left, it seems. Combined with Behner’s slapdown of Steve King, lets hope it gains more steam.