The Zimmerman Verdict And My Block

I’ve written how, for 20 years, I have lived on a street corner in Washington DC known for its drug activity and one gang, based at 17th and Euclid. I’ve written that I’d never been attacked, never hesitated to walk through a group of young black males, never crossed the street the way Victor Davis Hanson would. So it behooves me to note this story today:

Police say three black men approached a white male from behind in the 1700 block of Euclid Street NW. [DC police spokesman Araz] Alali says two of the men threw the victim to the ground and kicked him. Police say they yelled “This is for Trayvon Martin.” The attackers took the victim’s iPhone and wallet before fleeing.

Will that change my attitude when I manage to return from NYC? No. Does it deeply depress and anger me? Yes.