The 404 Kids

Russian teenagers are pushing back against homophobia with the “404–Kids” campaign. Organizer Lena Klimova explains:

On the Internet, sometimes you see the “404 – Page Not Found” error message. Likewise, our society thinks that homosexual teens don’t exist in nature, as if gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders fly in from Mars as adults. Meanwhile, in every twentieth Russian family, an LGBT child is growing up. These 404–Kids are invisible to society. … Stop, people! Hear them! These are your children. Who knows: Maybe you’ll see the letter of your own child here?

Find more on the campaign (in Russian) here and here. More Dish on the state of gay rights in Eastern Europe herehere, and here. Translation of the above tweet by Ksenia Varlyguina:

404–Kids! We stand with you! Love whomever you love!”