The Best Of The Dish This Weekend


We broke bad before Breaking Bad. A young Mormon woman came to terms with masturbation; and young black Londoners tried to live in their community as atheists.

A Catholic woman recommends prayer as refreshingly as Pope Francis. And Gandhi reminds us of the joy and importance of slow reading.

If you read one quote about the after-life this weekend, the late Robert Bellah provides it. If you read one poem, Yusef Komunyakaa writes it.

The most popular post of the weekend was this heart-breakingly poignant love-letter on Craigslist; followed by the reflections of a “Molly Mormon“.

A personal thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of emails commiserating with me for the loss of Dusty. They meant a huge amount and really helped. I cannot answer every one, so beg your forgiveness. But one of the wonders of running this blog is realizing how many friends you have – especially in the bleaker moments. Thank you.

And see you in the morning.

(Photo by Kamil Porembiński)