The Best Of The Dish Today

For our on-going social media coverage of the murderous day in Egypt as it unfolded, the key posts are from here (2.29 am), here (9.27 am), here (12.09 pm), and here (8.58 pm).  Read them in that order for the full story. My call for the US to cut off aid is here.

I weighed the costs and benefits of stop-and-frisk here; and defended myself from two readers’ criticism on the roots of rape here.

An internal Pentagon email that brought a lump to my throat here; and a devastating takedown of the Obama administration’s position on the NSA here.

The most popular post of the day was “Peering Into The Rotting Entrails Of The Intellectual Right.” Can you tell how much I enjoyed myself coming up with that headline? The second was my blogger mashnote to Glenn Greenwald.

My post on Maureen Dowd on Obama is now by far the most popular post of the last week. Oh, and Beard Of The Week!

See you in the morning.

(Video: The McLaughlin Report after the Congressional elections of 1994, featuring the legendary journalist, Jack Germond, who died today. Some tweet appreciations of the Fat Man In The Middle Seat here.)