The Best Of The Dish Today

by Chris Bodenner


The wrap is coming to you late thanks to a three-hour delay at LaGuardia, a missed connection at O’Hare, and a broken WiFi connection on United.

On the chemical weapon crisis in Syria today, the White House appeared passive, to the consternation of many. Analysts also continued to wring their hands over Egypt, while Egyptians were busy censuring themselves and targeting the bearded.

Bradley-to-Chelsea commentary here, with a theological discussion of transgendered people here. The science of consciousness is getting clearer while Washington is getting more paranoid. A workaholic blogged about workaholism, which will only get worse when eau de caffeine comes on the market. And speaking of addictions, get your Breaking Bad fix here and here.

Readers told more tales of grieving pets, compared attitudes toward gays in different parts of Russia, shared their views on subsidized housing in high-rent NYC, and offered some fascinating insights on birth order. They also, according to Facebook, loved watching dogs loving water.

On the above photo:

Participants dance during Nepal’s 4th International Gay Pride parade in Kathmandu on August 22, 2013. Scores of gays, lesbians, transvestites and transsexuals from across the country took part in the rally to spread their campaign for sexual rights. By Prakash Mathema/AFP/Getty Images.

On that note, a reader writes:

India and the places that Hinduism has spread [such as Nepal, whose population is 81% Hindu] are remarkably progressive with respect to the transgendered. It probably has something to do with the prevalence of transgendered characters in the Hindu mythic tradition.