The Best Of The Dish Today

by Chris Bodenner

As the US careens toward bombing Syria – without UN or NATO consent, congressional approval, or the interference of Russia – we pointed to strong evidence that intervening in civil wars does more harm than good, a reality that doesn’t conform to the wishes of Reuel Marc Gerecht, Roger Cohen, or the laughable “experts” at the Weekly Standard. Even if the US helps the sectarian rebels overcome Assad, the humanitarian conditions for Syrians could get worse. On a momentary high note, below is a recap of the above video, which “purports to show a father reuniting with his young son, who he thought had been killed [by the Syrian regime]”:

If you can hold it together through all seven minutes, you’re stronger than I am. But this video provides a welcome, if all too rare, moment of solace and joy in a war that has had precious little of either.

On the anniversary of MLK’s legendary speech, we assessed the condition of the mountaintop, recalled the obstacles King overcame, didn’t forget the legacy of Bayard Rustin, and devoted the FOTD to a black woman who reached the promised land and then some.

Reader contributions to the Dish have surged this week; lawyers defended the three-year model for law school against Obama’s critique, many others continued to discuss the curious habits of Chinese tourists, some pointed to more unsavory scenes from childhood classics, others offered historical context to “Support Our Troops”, and still others passed along more deconsecrated churches.

Meanwhile, Matt sounded off on the capitulation of that conservative Catholic on gay marriage. The view from your wildfire here. And this viewless dog still manages to find joy in playing fetch.