Email Of The Day

A reader writes:

Hey Andrew! I was composing an email to my girlfriend about your Poem For Saturday, because she and I are separated by both time and circumstance and often live vicariously, together, through the Dish. We play the VFYW contest together, we call each other at least once a day to bitch about this or that story you’ve posted, and at least once a week you put something up that makes us both say, “O course Sully would post that today.” Saturday, it was the poem, and the email I wrote her about it led me to this supercut [seen above].

The Dish has played an enormous role in our romance, being one of a select few virtual glues binding our relationship together. So thank you, as always, for being so relevant. And I hope you enjoy the supercut as much as we did.

I did. I have truly tried to watch The Newsroom, largely because Aaron likes it. But the dialogue is so absurd and the fantasy about journalism in 2013 so untethered to any reality at all, it only makes me think about Aaron Sorkin. And after a certain number of dizzying words, my brain hurts.

But it’s always great to read about how the Dish interacts with readers’ lives. And, of course, if you also have a friend or loved one you share the Dish with, or want to share the Dish with, you can always buy a gift subscription here. It’s one thing our current subscribers can do to help us that you haven’t done already.