The Untruth At The Heart Of Prohibition

Here’s a short recap of one moment in a day in Washington when the insanity of the war on pot was actually discussed:

Marijuana’s status as an illegal drug “isn’t based on a whim,” Mr. Grassley said. “It’s based on what science tells us about this dangerous and addictive drug.”

Just. Not. True.

Marijuana is one of the safest substances ever to open up the human mind and relax the human psyche. It is far less dangerous and far less addictive than alcohol – and yet it is classified as no different than heroin by the federal government. The feds absurdly claim that there is no medical use whatsoever for this drug – while children with epilepsy are finally getting some desperate relief and as countless patients testify for cannabis’s benefits in tackling nausea, glaucoma, and neuropathy, among many other conditions. We’re all entitled to an opinion. But no one is entitled to say things that have been proven demonstrably false. And Grassley is no minor figure: he’s the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee. He needs to be called out – not least by the Obama administration.