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Candlelight Vigil For Slain Gay Wyoming Student Matthew Shepard

An insight into the resistance to re-examining the complicated and horrifying murder of Matthew Shepard: Wikipedia’s edit page. Money quote after an edit which included some of the findings of The Book Of Matt:

(Reverted 1 edit by (talk): Consensus is currently not to include this book. See talk page discussion. . (TW))

Steve Jimenez’s videos explaining his book here. Update from a reader:

The relevant “consensus,” if you consult the talk page as directed, is that The Book of Matt’s inclusion wait until after the book is actually published, and can then be properly sourced. This is a standard technical issue on Wikipedia. Somewhere in all this there’s an irony regarding the discernment of intent.

I can see that and may have jumped the gun. Looking forward to its addition to the entry.

(Photo: Candlelight vigil for Matthew Shepard in New York City on October 19, 1998. By Evan Agostini/Getty Images)