Can Polls Of Iranians Be Trusted?

Trita Parsi says yes, and that Iranians are actually far, far more enthusiastic survey participants than Americans are:

To wit, some key points from a recent poll:

59% of Iranians expressed hope that President Rouhani would improve Iran’s relations with the international community.

And that data point would seem to back up what Parsi had to say about Iranians’ feelings about Syria:

In Iran, those who would support Bashar al-Assad’s removal from power if it would end the Syrian crisis outnumber those who would oppose it 37% to 21%. Counting only those who expressed an opinion, nearly 60% would favor Assad’s removal to end the crisis. … [And less] than one third of Iranians approve of their government’s economic support for the Assad regime while one quarter disapprove.  While those Iranians who disapprove of Bashar al-Assad’s handling of the Syrian uprising outnumber those who approve of it 25% to 24%.

However, only 13% of those polled believed Assad was behind the chemical weapon attacks, while more than half remained undecided or not sure.