Saint Stephen The Ironist, Ctd

Do yourself a favor and watch at least part of this epic Catholic throwdown between Stephen Colbert and Jack White. I’m as appalled by White’s misunderstanding of the Immaculate Conception as I am by Stephen’s total FAIL on the Ascension and the Assumption. (Not to brag, but I was highly competitive in this quiz, but then I was a very precocious Catholic kid in a Protestant high school.) Enjoy:

A Catholic reader writes:

I am so glad you brought up Stephen Colbert’s impact on American Catholicism. He is one of the most significant reasons as to why I have not left the Church entirely.

My non-Catholic husband has always been confused as to why I still identify with a religion most closely associated in the media with bigotry and child rape. When he insisted years ago that we not raise our future children Catholic, I couldn’t help but agree that I did not want any child of mine raised in the atmosphere of judgment and exclusion that seems to permeate the Church hierarchy. When we discussed Stephen Colbert, however, it was the first time he was able to see that Catholicism could be good and beautiful. And now, with Pope Francis, he has actually been willing to reconsider the Catholic Church as a possibility as we wait for the birth of our first child.

I know my faith should be strong enough to thrive without examples like Stephen Colbert. But when you have doubts, and there are no admirable people to learn from or follow (especially the leadership of your faith), what do you do?

You watch Comedy Central religiously, that’s what you do.