There’s A Big Congressional Majority To Fund The Government

Fallows highlights that fact:

The Democratic administration, and a sufficient number of Republicans, already agree and are ready enough to compromise to solve this problem. If the normal machinery of democracy were allowed to work, the manufactured crisis would be over. The only reason the senseless damage is being done is that hostage-takers have terrorized members of their own party.

Robert Costa reveals Boehner’s thinking:

Boehner is aware that, on paper, potentially more than 100 House Republicans would be open to a clean CR should he bring one to the floor. But the internal chaos such a move could cause could be devastating, and with a major debt-limit battle approaching, he won’t let a CR vote divide his conference.

Bernstein wonders whether defections will force the Speaker’s hand:

Surely if 60 Republicans were to say they wanted to vote for a clean CR, Boehner’s position would be untenable, wouldn’t it? My guess is the line would be some number greater than 25 and fewer than 60.

But again, in what universe are we even talking about this? There’s a majority in the House and the Senate to keep the government open and running, and yet the Speaker will not allow a free vote on it. This is not about the governance of the United States. It is about the crazed shenanigans of something that looks like a religious sect. This is a party not only unfit for government, but also for opposition.