Street View Goes Off-Roading

Street view

And into CERN, the international physics laboratory:

Putting together a Street View tour of one of the largest and most expensive science projects in history wasn’t a particularly easy task; the mammoth detectors and tunnels of the collider took two full weeks to photograph. “Every three meters, they took a six-sided panorama of the tunnel,” CERN photographer Max Brice told Symmetry Breaking. “Then we had to figure out the coordinates of every image. It came out to 6000 points for us to track.” This was in 2011; stitching everything together into the finished product took an additional two years.

Luke Westaway takes in the views:

The ATLAS particle detector experiment can be explored, as well as the tunnel that makes up the Large Hadron Collider, plus CERN’s ALICE, CMS, and LHCb experiments. Virtually traversing the dense labs is an atmospheric experience – cramped Half Life-esque tunnels and metal walkways abound, as well as ominous signs that warn of radiation and dangerous magnetic fields.

(Photo: The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS), a general-purpose detector designed to investigate a wide range of physics. Via Google.)