If The Tea Party Packs Its Bags And Goes Home

There are reports that the House is thinking of “voting on their bill and, if it passes, leaving town — a bid to try to force the Senate’s hand.” Bernstein schemes:

1. Get reluctant House Republicans to vote for a debt limit/CR bill as part of the “leave town” strategy. Bill passes.

2. Head to airports.

3. Wait until the 30-60 or so crazy caucus boards planes.

4. Sneak back to Capitol, pass whatever the Senate sends over — with any luck, unanimously, now that voting that way won’t separate them from the not-present radicals.

That’s a pleasant fantasy. Back in the real world, Costa reports on Boehner’s continued efforts:

According to his allies, he’s still hoping to bring the House’s plan to the floor tonight, and he thinks it can pass, as long as a few elements of the proposal are adjusted. The 218 votes he needs, though, aren’t there yet, and he and his team are spending the afternoon informally whipping skeptical Republicans.