A Note Of Thanks

After these several high-drama political weeks, I just wanted to offer some thanks to all the new Dish subscribers who signed up in October. We have had a surge of new subs that eclipses any since March, after the tsunami of initial support in January and February. We have no howler beaglemarketing department except for the Dish itself, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see simple content bringing us new readers and thereby a viable future.

I also want to thank the Dish team, whose salaries and healthcare you’re paying for, who have, despite their tender years, managed to produce well over 200 posts a week, round the clock, during frantic news cycles. Chris, Patrick, Jessie, Alice, Matt, Tracy, Chas, Brian and Brendan have no more job security than I have in this new experiment in reader-supported new media. But they work with an intensity and passion and integrity you have to see to believe. They make this look easy. It isn’t. I’m just immensely grateful so many of you seem to appreciate it, and have rewarded their hard work by actually paying for it.

If you’re still reading the Dish by bypassing our leaky meter and want to subscribe along with all these new, paying Dish readers, [tinypass_offer text=”please do”]. It takes two minutes and can cost [tinypass_offer text=”less than $2 a month”]. And thanks again to all of you who have – especially our Founding Members who helped get this whole show on the road in the first place. You rock. But you knew that already.

Update from a new subscriber:

Beats me why I waited so long to get out my credit card. Perhaps it’s because of the contrarian in me that led me to your site in the first place. I recognized in you (and those who write with you) an inability to accept the status quo wisdom as the best, last word. I just didn’t want to believe I had to be like all the others who immediately plunked down their cash to read all you offered. To me, maybe they were the lemmings. And I could get the best of the Dish by picking and skimming and finagling without bumping the meter limit. I was King of the Internets.

But I was wrong. Today, after the shutdown, after the GOP refused to pay for the things we all use – and they fucking liked it – well, I realized I wasn’t being the groovy iconoclast. I was being the winger-nut getting my stuff for free. So I gave up the ghost and paid. Glad I did. Sorry it took so long to realize that all the best misfits are inside the tent – agreeing and disagreeing with your wonderful and maddening posts.