What Does It Mean To Be A Martyr?

The Economist expands the definition to include the experiences of those in the secular West:

Every natural disaster, forest fire, major accident or terrorist attack has its martyrs, insofar as rescuers knowingly incur mortal danger to help victims. I don’t just mean people doing dangerous jobs, but people who knowingly face specific risks to save others. For many people, the martyrs of 9/11 were the fire-fighters who were killed in the Twin Towers, including their remarkable chaplain, Father Mychal Judge.

Our news-gathering business has its martyrs too, sung and unsung. When a reporter for a leading newspaper or network perishes in the line of duty, the world usually hears about it; but most news-reporters who die on the job, bearing witness to some awkward truth, are natives of the benighted countries where they work, often as freelancers, and they lack the insurance policies, flak jackets and diplomatic protection which make the life of a rich-world reporter a bit easier.