Where Republicans Are Rebounding

At the state level:

There is now only one Republican governor who I would consider a definite underdog for re-election: Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania. This takeover has a better than 50% chance of being cancelled out by a Republican gain of an open seat in Arkansas. So, the likelihood that Democrats pick up governor’s mansions in the 2014 midterms is not that great.

To be sure, there are, still, more vulnerable Republican governors than Democratic ones. It’s just that, now, many of the Republicans who looked to be in serious danger earlier in the cycle are staging a comeback, while a few Democrats who looked good at one time are currently looking at troubling numbers.

Perhaps, the ultimate lesson in all of this is that Republicans are picking up steam by focusing on the economy and compromising with the president, particularly over the Medicaid expansion element of his signature healthcare legislation. This is the opposite strategy of many Washington Republicans, who are seeing their numbers tumble.