Looking at our revenue numbers yesterday, I almost fell out of my chair. Our plea for new subscriptions to help us make our 2013 target brought a sudden flood of new Dish-subscribers. We’re so, so grateful and psyched. It pushed us past the $800,000 mark on our way to howler beagle$900,000. If we make that goal and our Founding Members renew in large numbers, we really will be able to take the Dish to a new level – and begin to add long-form journalism to our mix, as we have long wanted. 2014 could be the year we reach real altitude.

It was particularly great to see long-time Dish emailers – the readers who provide so much insight and information to the blog – finally get over their reluctance to pay for anything online and [tinypass_offer text=”subscribe”]. That suggests to us there are many more of you out there who just haven’t gotten around to it yet. For all of you still on the fence,  just ask yourselves if what we offer every day is worth  $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year to you. If it is, help us out and subscribe. And make the house ads – and these posts asking for subs – go away.

Update from a new subscriber:

Sorry it took me so long. I’m a religious daily reader and have been for years. I finished a Master’s last Spring and am currently unemployed (though things now look very promising) so I was trying to wait until I had an income again before spending money. Your post yesterday, however, made me realize how much time I’ve had to read the Dish during the maddening boredom of unemployment and how it has helped keep my mind stimulated. I basically thought to myself, “This costs me as much as a few beers out on a Saturday so why the hell not?”


I check the Dish multiple times a day, and was an early subscriber. But today, prompted by your recent fundraising post, I bought an additional gift subscription. The reason has been your recent threads on animal cruelty, a topic to which I have devoted almost no thought in the past (frankly: I don’t even really like animals all that much). But your writing on this has persuaded me there is absolutely no moral justification for eating factory-farmed meat, and I will no longer do so. I’ve always thought of the Dish as great entertainment (and a much too effective procrastination tool), but it has now made a tangible impact on my family’s life. Seemed well worth some additional support. Hope you make your funding goal!