Ask Charles Camosy Anything: Why Don’t We Eat Our Pets?

In our latest video from Christian theologian Charles Camosy, he explores the moral hypocrisy of treating dogs as companions while treating pigs as food:

His book, For Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action, came out last month. In a recent interview, Camosy suggested that at the very least, meat-eaters should choose where their meat comes from. He also offered some advice on how individual Catholic parishes might encourage such behavior:

[B]uying meat from local farms [instead of factory farms] is a much, much better option. No question. In general, we do much better buying locally rather than simply rolling over for consumerism and picking the cheapest price. We absolutely must become more connected to the processes by which food and other products come to us–not least to make sure that we are not formally participating in grave evil. This is a great opportunity for the Church to be the Church, and create structures of community to resist consumerism. Perhaps more parishes and dioceses could have formal programs where locally grown and raised food could be for sale? And these places should absolutely refuse to serve factory farmed meat.

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