Time To Clean House

Ezra notes that, thanks to filibuster reform, Obama can now fire people:

[T]he constant use of the filibuster against political appointments made it extraordinarily difficult for the White House to fire anyone because they didn’t know whether they’d be able to appoint a replacement — or, if they could appoint a replacement, who Republicans would actually accept. And the more political controversy there was around an issue the more dangerous a personnel change became.

This became a standard excuse for why no one is losing their job over the HealthCare.gov debacle: Firing any of the appointees in charge would just trigger a disastrous confirmation process that would lead the agency rudderless and chaotic for months — and possibly for the rest of Obama’s term.

Simultaneously, the rules change makes it far easier to hire new people. The confirmation process had become so difficult — and, because of that, the vetting process so intense — that top prospects routinely turn down presidential entreaties.