The Best Of The Dish This Weekend


I’m in London right now (check out the cartoon) to pick up an award from the British Political Studies Association for “policy innovation,” i.e. the long fight for marriage equality, and to see friends and family. I’m still a little jet-lagged so I’ll keep this short. The weekend saw the breakthrough with Iran that this blog has longed for since 2009. Obama’s pitch perfect speech last night on this remarkable achievement can be watched here. Netanyahu’s continued hole-digging can be seen and assessed here. We were, of course, on call through the weekend, and you can find a post of reactions from around the blogosphere here; terser tweets are here.

The weekend’s recommended short story is here. Luminescent poems from the winner of this year’s National Book Award, Mary Szybist, can be read here and here. I get one-upped by a real Doctor Who aficionado here; Aiden Kimel quietly dismembers the glibness of Richard Dawkins here; while a Dish reader sends a family heirloom photograph of JFK shirtless on a beach.

If you read one post, see this one on re-imagining the concept of “Original Sin” as more simply “The Human Propensity To Fuck Things Up,” or HPtFTU.

The most popular post of the weekend was A Deal With Iran: Blog Reax, followed by A Deal With Iran: Tweet Reax.

See you in the, er, morning.

(Photo: A green leaf in autumn, by Peter McDiarmid/Getty Images)