Coming Out Of The Year, Ctd

A reader writes:

My favorite from that list has to be Lucas Cruikshank. When that video first made the news, I’d never heard of him (I still haven’t, except for this, but I’m 41, not exactly Nickelodeon’s demographic, despite having grown up on “You Can’t Do That On Television”). But I love seeing this way-so-gay kid (OK he’s 20) so at home in his own skin, having a ball with his best friend (who prayed for years for a gay best friend – how old was she when she started praying and how great is that in its own little way?). This isn’t someone who has limped through high school and college coming up with excused for not having a girlfriend. And he stars on a children’s television network, where 30 years ago that would have at least gotten him blacklisted and probably resulted in national hysteria.

Forty-something celebrities coming out in the safety of established careers or personal fortunes, now that there are fewer consequences, doesn’t do much for me, but knowing that millions of gay kids have it better than I did growing up is still pretty nice.

Yes it is.