The Ecumenical Mother Of God


Timothy George, a Baptist theologian, uses the Christmas season to encourage Christians of various denominations to honor Mary:

In this season of the year it is good to remember that Mary belongs to all Christians—Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant alike. All generations, and presumably all denominations, are meant to call her blessed (Luke 2:48). This, despite the fact that doctrinal teachings and devotional practices related to Mary (or, from another perspective, the lack of such) still constitute serious barriers to full visible unity among Christians. …

We can begin by recognizing that Mary is the person and the place where God has chosen for his glory—his radiant shekinah glory—to enter most deeply into the human story, which is the story of every one of us. By welcoming Jesus into her womb, Mary provided sanctuary—a hospitable space, if you will—for the uncontainable God in the midst of a hostile world. As T. S. Eliot put it in “Dry Salvages,” she is “the hint half guessed, the gift half understood. … Here the impossible union of spheres of existence is actual, here the past and future are conquered, and reconciled.”

(Image: The Annunciation by Philippe de Champaigne, 1644, via Wikimedia Commons)