A Franciscan Era?

The Dish is thrilled that a new online site has been formed to explore and examine the lives, minds and bodies of animals, and our relationship with them. It’s called “The Dodo” and it’s edited by the extremely talented Kerry Lauerman, formerly of Salon.

dish_fotdsun12Dish-readers know that this is an area we’ve been covering more and more – particularly as neuroscience and research in general is slowly breaking down the absolute boundaries between the human animal and our cohabitants on this planet, and as our manic compulsion toward greater material comfort leads to the transformation of our climate and seals the fate of so many species. I have to say I don’t regard this as some kind of side-issue in politics and culture. I think it’s in the vanguard of our moral evolution as a species.

Some introductory stories from the Dodo: Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads When Confused? And As Blackfish Soars, Will SeaWorld Sink?

It’s easy in the age of Upworthy to think the web cannot provide new, smart, engaging content which isn’t just linkbait or page-view whoring or social media p.r. The Dodo proves them wrong. Good luck, guys. We’ll be reading and linking.

(Photo: Tri Joko, photo-shopped)