The Best Of The Dish Today


And there you have it from the Salt Lake Tribune. Utahns – I repeat: Utahns – are now equally split – 48 – 48 – on marriage equality for gay couples. More to the point: in the wake of a judicial ruling holding that Utah’s ban on civil marriages for same-sex couples was unconstitutional, only 52 percent of respondents backed the state’s appeal, with 40 percent opposed and 8 percent unsure. That’s a very evenly divided state. It will be harder, after these results, to argue that the state court’s mandating marriage equality is a grotesque act of “judicial tyranny.”

The revolution, in other words, is not decelerating; it’s accelerating. And in the red states now.

In other news, we discovered the following about Benghazi:

Various versions of the talking points do not suggest the White House edited them to cover up references to Al Qaeda or to manufacture evidence of a protest.

So the entire campaign against Susan Rice was a pack of lies. Can we just repeat that so that McCain and Butters can get it into their thick, pomaded heads?

I pondered the new document on human sexuality by a group of leading German theologians – prompted by Pope Francis’ invitation to a new dialogue on the family in modernity. This poem by William Stafford stopped me in my tracks the way all great poems should. Christie is doing just fine; we gamed out the looming marijuana legalization battles; and we kept you up to date with the progress so far of the Dish’s renewals.

The most popular post of the day was our renewal results post; runner-up was “And So It Begins …?” on the church, change, and sexual morality.

See you in the morning.