Email Of The Day

Every now and then, one comes along that seems to capture it all:

It is with a lot of thought that I am renewing my subscription to The Dish this year. There are a lot of pros for me – I support you going independent and trying to figure out a sustainable way to “do” new media. I adore the way The Dish presents all sides of the issues, by linking to a variety of sources. And I know that I will find thoughtful, smart links on all sorts of things that I never would have known about. I am going to see The Inexplicable Dina Martina for the fourth time next week and I never would have known about her but for you. THANKS!!

But there are also cons. The main one being, well, YOU. The fact is you are kind of a blowhard. And a drama queen. Plus, also, you’re wrong. A LOT. Sometimes I wonder why I keep reading someone with such knee-jerk initial reactions (to insane wars, to mildly flubbed debates, to brain dead women being propped up by the state in order to fulfill some religious freaks’ rules). And don’t get me started on your devotion to your god. I never, EVER read the dish on Sundays – I’d rather burn in hell. And, yes, I know, you generally DO come around to the sane, humane way of thinking about things. You apologize, you re-think, you humble yourself. But your first reaction is just such a big pose to act like you know everything. I’m not asking you to stop – it’s obvious you can’t – but just know that a lot of people won’t, and don’t, give you the second and third chance to get it right.

All I can say is if you were a cat person, I’d be outta here.

RIP Dusty.