Get Us To $420K!

Right now, renewals have brought in $414,000 for our second year of independence. If you believe, as we do, in the urgency of ending the prohibition of marijuana, and think the Dish has helped generate a real and constructive debate on the matter, here’s an idea. Renew now or [tinypass_offer text=”subscribe for the first time”] to get us to the critical $420K. Maybe we can even do it by 4.20 pm, just in time for today’s Mental Health Break. As soon as we reach that target, I’ll post the news. Feel free to, er, celebrate at that point, if that’s your thing.

Renew now! Renew here! And we’ll continue the fight. Update from a reader:

I’ve loved this blog since you were solo with a tip jar, so there was never any doubt about renewing.  But in honor of your request, I did it TODAY for $4.20 per month (bet I’m not the only one). I’ll think of you and the great journalism of the Dish every time I see it on my statement.

Another is nudged off the couch:

Fine. FINE. I subscribed. The stoner appeal finally did it.