Quote For The Day II

“Last year, Andrew took a leap of faith, leaving behind the downward spiral of ad-supported mainstream media and branching out on his own with The Dish – my favorite site, offering the web’s smartest cultural commentary, and a ray of hope for intelligent, ad-free journalism howler beagledriven by passion and integrity rather than commercial greed.

This, in fact, is the purpose of this modest PSA: Similarly to Brain Pickings, what makes The Dish possible are reader subscriptions. They keep the lights on for Andrew and his small team, not only allowing them to continue doing what they do so brilliantly but also offering a broader proof-of-concept for the potential of such brave, paradigm-redefining models for new media and integrity-driven journalism. So I urge you to consider becoming a Dish subscriber, or if you’re already one, renewing your subscription at the start of this critical second year. We shape this world with our decisions about what to give our support and attention to, and The Dish is the kind of thing that makes our world, quite simply, better,” – Maria Popova, in her weekly newsletter for Brain Pickings.